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Grace Kelly November 11, 2008

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691385Timeless beauty.

Grace Kelly was born in Philadelphia into a remarkable family of Irish Catholics from the wrong side of the tracks. Her grandfather was an immigrant bricklayer, her father a successful house-builder (and also, like her brother, a gold-medal winning Olympic oarsman). Her uncle George Kelly was a successful playwright, while her cousin John Lehman Jr. became a US Secretary of the Navy.
In 1947, after high school graduation, Grace went to New York and became a model. She made her debut on Broadway in 1949 and began to get work in television. She next moved to Los Angeles, in 1951 appearing in her first film. Her movie career was crowned with an Oscar for Best Actress for The Country Girl (1954). High Society (1956) turned out to be Grace’s last appearance as an actress, as she had met and married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, a tiny Mediterranean principality famous chiefly as an international gambling centre. For the rest of her life, she was in the spotlight in her new role as Princess Grace. On September 14, 1982, she was killed in an accident on a cliff road in Monaco. She left behind three children, Caroline, Stephanie, and Albert, one of whom (Stephanie) had survived the fatal road accident. Grace Kelly’s final resting place is in St Nicholas’s Cathedral, Monte Carlo, where she lies under an inscription in Latin. source.


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  1. Hannah Says:

    that is so tru! i m john leman’s great niece!!!

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